Work and Paper Excerpts

Below are the links to my graduate research papers and other things I’ve written. (Note: Bibliographies are available upon request as there are too many to itemize in a single post.)

Field Project: Challenging New Media and Civics Education Programs
My Master’s field project proposal, which consists of a literature review and plan for a curriculum around new media and global citizenship education. The project will materialize as a set of curricula and/or website activities geared toward educating youth in America around the ways digital storytelling shapes our perspectives of global issues. I intend to develop the curricula over the next few months, and it should be completed by December 2013.

Read more  or Download the full version: New Media Literacy Project

White Savior Industrial Complex – a literature review written for my Fall 2012 class on Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Identity at USF. Theoretical frame based off the piece written by Teju Cole in The Atlantic in March, 2012.

Part I : Teju Cole tweets and definition of White Savior Industrial Complex
Part II : Postcolonial Discourse in Development, Master/Native Binary
Part III : Invisible – now Digital – Whiteness
Part IV : Orientalist Global Media Campaigns
Part V : Subverted Agency and Pleasure Principles
Part VI : Empirical Examples: Agency, Pleasure Principle and Empowerment

Egyptian Women of the Arab Spring: A Social Media Revolution  – a paper written for my Fall 2011 class on Gender and Globalization at USF. Theoretical frame is grounded in women’s rights movements.

Part I : Timeline of a Revolution
Part II : Women and Leadership
Part III : Discussion


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